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Decking, Wood Flooring & Oak Timber Features

Please take a look at some of our features that may interest you.

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Construction Quality New Oak Beams03/12/2012

Construction Quality New Oak Beams

UkSleepers stocks vast quantities of construction grade Oak beams both green and air dried - all sizes and dimensions up to 9.5 metres and 300mm x 300mm!! Bespoke beams can also be milled on your behalf with just one weeks notice!

Five Benefits Of Using Raised Garden Beds30/06/2015

Five Benefits of Using Raised Garden Beds

The claim that raised garden beds are recommended for the elderly is true, but they are just as beneficial to anyone looking to grow their own plant life. Aside from the fact that they are easy to manage and maintain, and provide an easily accessibly platform, researchers and seasoned veterans on raised bed users also suggest that there are also benefits to the plants and soil themselves in the way of making them more nutritious and help them grow faster.

Enhance Your Garden With A Pergola01/07/2015

Enhance Your Garden With A Pergola

  Improve the overall appearance of your garden by building a pergola/ terrace, whether it’s free standing or attached to your home.

Timber Decking01/07/2015

Timber Decking

  Decking is a fairly common sight in many gardens right? But do we all know really how much one can improve the overall appearance of your home and garden? In this article, I hope to give insight to all those who read summing up the facts and generally helpful information we have gathered over the years./p>

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