British Larch/Douglas Fir Log Lap, Jigsaw Railway Sleepers

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English Larch or Douglas Fir are possibly the hardiest, most durable of domestic softwoods. These sleepers are completely untreated because their super high resin content acts as natures own highly effective preservative. A superb sleeper that should last for decades and is perfect for all those sensitive applications such as children's play areas, ponds and raised beds!

Select a length and then complete the required options to configure your British Larch/Douglas Fir Log Lap, Jigsaw Railway Sleepers

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UK-Sleepers is pleased to introduce these new moulded softwood, "splinter-free" sleeper is perfect for many situations where smooth edges and ease of construction without fixings are required. The log lap style joints in the sleepers will hold them together and stable with minimal fixing requirements.

The sizing of the sleepers will be as accurate as can be due to them passing through a fixed dimension moulder and are perfect for schools, public areas, ponds and raised beds - among many others.

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