New Azobe (Ekki/Tali) Untreated Railway Sleepers 2600 x 250 x 150

These Azobe (Ekki/Tali) Sleepers are truly a sleeper like no other.

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Azobe (Ekki/Tali) is a stunning and extremely dense and durable African hardwood. With its unrivalled strength and beautiful red/brown colour, darkening to a dark red/chocolatey brown after exposure, these Azobe (Ekki/Tali) Sleepers are truly a sleeper like no other.

Being one of the tightest grained woods in the world, the life expectancy of these sleepers is several times that of oak in a like for like application. Without treatment or preservative, these sleepers can last up to 100 years!

With its inherent cross laced grain and air-dried finish, the timbers naturally resist to open up as the timber dries, therefore offering brilliant resistance to splitting, making them perfect for a multitude of landscaping purposes.

PEFC and FSC certified, you can be assured that these sleepers are responsibly cropped from sustainable African forests.

All three species (Azobe/Ekki/Tali) are interchangeable and all incredibly durable. 

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