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    Discover Quality Garden Sleepers in Liverpool from UK Sleepers

    Looking to build a stylish garden feature or structure? UK Sleepers provides top-notch timber garden sleepers in Liverpool for all your landscaping needs. As an established sleeper supplier with years of experience, we specialise in supplying new and reclaimed garden sleepers across the Liverpool area.



     New Untreated Railway Sleepers                               New Eco-friendly Treated Railway Sleepers             


                 Reclaimed Railway Sleepers             




              Reclaimed Crossing Timbers                               Reclaimed Untreated Railway Sleepers


    Garden Sleepers in Liverpool for Stylish Landscaping

    At UK Sleepers, we offer a comprehensive selection of garden sleepers in Liverpool, perfect for a wide variety of outdoor projects such as:

    • Building garden planter boxes, raised beds, borders and retaining walls – Sleepers are ideal for constructing beautiful raised garden beds and planters to grow flowers, herbs, vegetables and other plants. The stable, flat surface is perfect for keeping soil and compost in place. Sleepers can also be used to create borders and divisions in the garden.
    • Constructing sturdy garden pathways and steps – Garden sleepers make excellent edging and support frames for building new pathways, steps and ramps around your garden. Choose from straight sleepers to create sleek modern paths or curved sleepers for winding natural trails.
    • Defining garden spaces and creating divisions – Strategically placed sleepers are a simple way to define separate zones in your garden, such as play areas, dining spaces, pet areas and more. They can also be used as decorative divisions between lawn and planting beds.
    • Making stylish edging for driveways, patios and decking – Complement your hard landscaping features with smart timber edging made from sleepers. This can neatly contain gravel or decorative aggregates on driveways or patios.
    • Constructing benches, bridges and other garden features – Let your imagination run wild! Sleepers are versatile enough to build almost any structure or feature in your garden, from statement benches to ornamental bridges over ponds.

    Our garden sleepers allow you to add structure and definition to your outdoor space, whether you need small or large sleepers. We can provide the perfect fit for your specific project requirements.




    Choosing the Right Sleepers for Your Project

    With so many options available, it can be tricky to figure out which garden sleepers are right for your particular garden and landscaping plans. Here are some useful tips for choosing sleepers:

    • Consider the look you want to achieve – rougher, more rustic sleepers or smoothly sanded and stained sleepers?
    • Choose hardwood like oak if appearance is important, or softwood like pine to save money. Hardwoods are more durable too.
    • Measure the area carefully and buy accordingly. Allow extra length for cutting if needed.
    • Thicker, chunkier sleepers tend to be more expensive but provide more stability for large projects.
    • Reclaimed sleepers have a unique weathered appearance but inspect carefully for rot and damage.
    • New, pre-treated sleepers last longer.

    Get in touch and we can guide you in picking the perfect sleepers for your planned garden project.



    Expert Tips on Working with Sleepers

    Once you’ve chosen the right garden sleepers, you’ll need to install them properly to create a long-lasting landscaping feature. Here are some of our top tips:

    • Prepare the base well by levelling and compacting the soil where your sleepers will be placed.
    • Measure and mark out the layout carefully. Use pegs and string lines to guide the alignment.
    • For raised beds and planters, make sure the front sleepers are slightly higher to retain the soil at the back.
    • Stake the sleepers in place temporarily then check everything is straight and level.
    • Secure sleepers with strong outdoor screws spaced at regular intervals. You can also use ground spikes.
    • Seal and treat all exposed ends with wood preserver to prevent rotting.
    • Consider adding waterproof membrane between soil and sleepers to extend the lifespan.
    • Consider drainage options if building a raised bed – add gravel at the base or drill drainage holes.

    Follow these tips and your new sleeper feature will look fantastic and function well for years to come!


    The Benefits of Using Sleepers from UK Sleepers

    When you source your brand new or reclaimed garden sleepers in Liverpool from us, you can enjoy numerous benefits:

    • Prompt delivery – we can deliver your order swiftly. Get projects finished faster!
    • Huge selection of sleeper sizes, types and lengths – we stock an extensive range of sleeper dimensions to suit all garden plans. We can also cut sleepers to custom lengths.
    • Competitive prices vs national chains – our overheads are lower so we can pass the savings on to you. Great value for money!
    • Discount deals on bulk orders – buying in bulk? Get in touch for discounts on large quantity orders.
    • Expert guidance on choosing the right sleepers – with decades of experience, we can help you pick the perfect sleeper for your unique project.

    With over 20 years of experience supplying garden sleepers in Liverpool, we have developed a reputation for providing exceptional customer service alongside quality sleepers. Get in touch today to discuss your project.




    Get in Touch Today for All Your Sleeper Needs!

    UK Sleepers is your number one choice for buying garden sleepers in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. As a trusted timber merchant with our own sawmill facilities, we can cater to any outdoor project, big or small. To find out more or request a quote, contact us today.

    We look forward to helping with your new garden design or landscaping project. Speak to our friendly team to get expert guidance and competitive quotes.

    Call us on 01536 267107



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