Reclaimed beams that are brimming with character


Here at UK Sleepers, we’ve been supplying reclaimed beams for over 70 years, so we know a thing or two about buying beams and sleepers that are strong, dependable and packed with personality. Our beautiful reclaimed oak sleepers make for picture perfect beams in modern and traditional properties, so whether you’re looking to add some rustic character to your fireplace, add period features to your ceilings or give your contemporary kitchen a touch of rural elegance, we can deliver the goods you need to make a big impression.



If you’re looking for an outstanding reclaimed beam that will last for many decades whilst introducing the appearance of naturally aged oak in your home, you’ve come to the right place. Many of our customers have bought these beams for barn and garage lintels as well as borders, whilst we have many other options available too, including European oak and mini oak sleepers.

Our reclaimed European softwood creosote treated sleepers come from beneath the tracks of assorted European countries, whilst they’re perfect for many garden uses and can create a particularly effective rustic look due to their sometimes waney edged, assorted size appearance. 


Customise your home or garden with our reclaimed beams


Our air dried structural oak beams are ideally suited for home restoration projects, so whether you’re looking to maintain a period style throughout your property or are simply looking to add character and value to your home, these are sure to add a touch of class. These beams are available as 1 to 3 year, or 3 to 5 year air dried, and during this time they have developed a natural aged appearance with plenty of characterful cracks and splits. Our green structural oak beams can be used for structural and decorative purposes, both internally and externally, whilst they have been used in green oak-framing joints for centuries. Still extremely popular today, they are kiln dried so they swell to size for tightly fitting joints.

We also provide reclaimed beams in the form of crossing timbers. These are solid lumps of treated oak from beneath rail crossings and rail points where additional length and strength is required. They are perfectly suitable for barns, traditional workshops and outhouses, whilst they’re also brilliant for bearing the weight of heavy machinery and all types of agricultural uses. 


Buy reclaimed beams with hassle-free crane-offload deliveries


With our own fleet of dedicated vehicles fitted with a crane for offloading, we’re well equipped to deliver reclaimed oak beams right to your driveway or front garden. What’s more, shipping costs remain the same whether 10 sleepers are ordered or 50! UK Sleepers started out by selling railway sleepers from beneath the railway tracks of the UK, but we’re now a one stop shop for railway sleepers and beams, and they are all tried and tested and much loved by landscape gardeners, farmers and DIY handymen alike. 


If you’d like to learn more about us and our broad range of reclaimed beams, please do not hesitate to call a friendly member of our team today on 01536 267 107.


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