British Larch V Tongue and Groove Cladding

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Our British Larch V Tongue and Groove Cladding is the ideal choice should you require that traditional 'T&G' look to your cladding project, along with the natural durability and stunning grain of British Larch, impeccable weather protection and a cost effective alternative to our oak claddings. 

142mm x 20mm (Visible Face 132mm)


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Our British Larch V Tongue and Groove Cladding is the ideal choice should you require that traditional 'T&G' look to your cladding project, along with the natural durability and stunning grain of British Larch, impeccable weather protection and a cost effective alternative to our oak claddings. 

British Larch has striking colour variations from pinks, browns to creams depending on which part of the tree it is cut. There are some dark brown knots which can loosen as the wood dries, this occasionally results in resin patches that may ooze a little at first and sometimes during subsequent hot summers. Due to its super high resin content, British Larch can prove to be twice as durable as common pine, making it an incredibly strong and hardwearing species. 

Just like the classic T&G profile, these boards are fixed together by inserting the tongue into the groove. The chamfering at the top and the bottom of the boards accentuates the individual boards by creating a subtle 'V' shadow line along the joints. What makes this profile different from the Tongue and Groove profile is that these boards are reversible so either face can be used. Dependent on your style, they can also be fitted either horizontally or vertically; should you choose to fit them horizontally, it is recommended that the boards are installed with the tongue uppermost, this is to allow any moisture to fall away from the tongue.

This machined cladding is recommended for external use only. If exposed to varying weather conditions before fitting your boards, they are likely to cup, warp and split; the ideal time to fit cladding to keep this to a minimum is between the months of October and April and within 7 to 14 days of delivery. 

Your boards will be supplied untreated. No treatments are required, however if you wish to preserve the supplied colour or use a weather resistant sealant, please take a look at our Treatex range. Should you wish to leave it to age gracefully, it will eventually turn to a beautiful silvery grey colour as the suns rays do their work. 

We offer the following section size: 

  • 140mm x 20mm - The overall width is 142mm, with the visible face measuring 132mm 

The face size is less 10mm to account for the tongue joint. 

This profile is priced per square metre and comes in random lengths between 1200mm and 3600mm unless specified for an additional charge: 

  • Set lengths up to 3500mm - £4.00 extra per square metre ex VAT 
  • Set lengths above 3500mm - £8.00 extra per square metre ex VAT 

Please contact our Sales Team on 01536 267107 should you have any issues. 

Still unsure? We offer up to two samples of our cladding boards for a £5 inc VAT postage charge. Should you wish to then purchase cladding boards that are the same product as your samples, we will reimburse you the £5 postage charge upon ordering!* 

*Terms and Conditions apply 

Here at UK Timber Ltd the grading rules for our cladding products have been kept as simple as possible. British Larch, Siberian Larch and Douglas fir have two grades, either Select or Character in both fresh sawn and dried profiled cladding boards. 

Fresh sawn offerings: 

We offer fresh sawn cladding in either square, feather or waney edge. 

Kiln dried, machined profile offerings: 

Our British Larch is sawn, dried and machined to a finish on site using all our own facilities. Being entirely self reliant enables us to be ultimately flexible when deciding on profiles. There are many standard profiles to choose from but our abilities to create bespoke profiles for specific projects sets us apart from the competition. Set lengths can also be selected and unlike other cladding manufacturers we offer ends matching across our machined cladding range. 

Ends Matched Boards do not need to be trimmed or to end on a batten saving 50% in installation time as a minimum and reducing waste to close to zero.

First Grade boards have been chosen for minimal amounts of sapwood, unsound knots, sap channels and knots above 7mm wherever possible.  Sometimes when choosing set lengths this standard may slip a little, achieving all boards of one length may require a defect or two to be left in the board. This is rare but may happen in longer lengths. 

Character Grade boards are essentially a solid board that is perfectly fit for purpose that can have knots without limit, sap pockets, sapwood and wild grain patterns. None of the above will have major impact on durability, the choice is mostly aesthetic. 

In summary, all our Larch cladding boards are classified as moderately durable as a minimum which gives a service life of at least 15 years. In real world use a minimum of 30 years has been proven to be the case. Choose your cladding with confidence.

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