Air Dried Lightweight Oak Cladding

From £17.48

Lightweight section of Air Dried Oak Featheredge Cladding.

Available in First and Character Grade. 

125mm x 14/5mm 

150mm x 14/5mm 


Select a width and then complete the required options to configure your Air Dried Lightweight Oak Cladding

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Our Lightweight Air Dried Oak Featheredge Cladding is a cost effective way of achieving oak cladding coverage in place of cheaper softwood options. Freshly sawn and machined into a smaller section size - 125 mm or 150mm wide and 14mm reducing to 5 mm at the feather, you'll still have the natural beauty of oak at a more affordable price. 

Air-Dried (Seasoned) Oak has been dried since the tree was felled, either by spending 3-5 years exposed to air or by accelerated drying inside a kiln. This process reduces the moisture content to approximately 20-30% compared to that of our other oak cladding, such as the Lightweight Fresh Sawn Oak Featheredge Cladding, making it more stable than the fresh sawn cladding product and less prone to shrinkage. 

The boards used for this cladding are characterful and may have small amount of sap to the underside, sound knots without limitation and occasional historic insect damage. If you require a higher quality finish with more contemporary, straight grained and knot free appearance, then it would be best to look at our first grade offerings. Being a natural living product, you may also experience some colour variation and when in place, some natural movement as the timber adjusts to the changing seasons. This is to be expected due to the nature of the timber and will give distinctive appearance to the Oak, and cannot be classified as a defect. 

Our boards for the featheredge profile are cut on the diagonal, producing a tapered board that is overlapped when fitted, similar to roof tiles, thus giving that traditional featheredge finish.

Your boards will be supplied untreated. No treatments are required, however if you wish to preserve the supplied colour for that little while longer or use a weather resistant sealant, please take a look at our Treatex range. Should you wish to leave it to age gracefully, it will eventually turn to a silver grey colour as the suns rays do their work.

Ready to fix and available in two options - First and Character Grade:

First Grade is sorted to include only the clearest (most knot free) boards with the straightest grain possible. A perfect choice for all modern and contemporary applications.

Character Grade will have a mixture of all top four grades, 1 through to 4 - some clear of knots and some straight grain, others with knots and some sloping grain. A perfect choice for all traditional/rustic applications, it gives a less uniformed look, without compromising its excellent durability properties.

This cladding is for external use. Please remember to make allowances for at least a 35mm overlap on each board (50mm is best) when making your calculations. If your boards are exposed to varying weather conditions before fitting, they are likely to cup, warp and split; the ideal time to fit cladding to keep this to a minimum is between the months of October and April and within 7 to 14 days of delivery.

The advertised price of our Lightweight Oak Featheredge Cladding is priced per square metre and comes in 2400mm lengths.

Still unsure? We offer up to two samples of our cladding boards for a £5 inc VAT postage charge. Should you wish to then purchase cladding boards that are the same product as your samples, we will reimburse you the £5 postage charge upon ordering!*

*Terms and Conditions apply

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