Radiata Pine Thermowood Shiplap Cladding 142mm x 20mm

Beautiful, quality Thermal treated cladding machined from Radiata Pine and serves as an equally attractive and cost effective alternative to Western Red Cedar Cladding.

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UK Sleepers are now offering beautiful, high quality Radiata Pine timber cladding, which has been thermal treated and can serve as a cost effective and equally attractive alternative to our Western Red Cedar timber cladding.


Our newly introduced Shiplap ThermoWood cladding, otherwise known as SLP channel sliding cladding, is machined and moulded for a superior quality and beautiful finish for your home or building. This shiplap cladding is machined from PEFC certified timber along with a fully independent audited energy and carbon neutral trail, and is virtually clear of knots. It is machined smooth and is originally a pale colour which becomes a deep brown after thermal treatment showing distinct growth rings.

Radiata ThermoWood Shiplap cladding can be used in a variety of ways due to its affordability and quick maturity. It is generally uniform in its grain structure and is happy used internally or externally boasting all if its features; weather resistant, thermally insulating, decay resistant all with a 30 year guarantee from SLP.

The amazing deep brown colour of this timber can be retained using UV filtered finishes such as pigmented wood oil, stain, wax, varnish and paint and when fixing, we recommend using self-tapping screws or pre drilling holes beforehand as the wood is more susceptible to splitting after the thermal treatment.

Price advertised is per Linear Metre and is available from February 2015 

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