Sacks of BRITEBURN Hazelnut Shell Pini Kay Briquettes

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  • High Calorific Value
  • Equal to or better burn times than hardwood pini kay briquettes!
  • Below 1% Ash Content 
  • Carbon Negative (Uses more carbon dioxide during growth than it releases when burnt) 
  • Infuses Hazelnut Flavour into meat if used on a barbecue 
  • 4% Moisture Content or Less 
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Pallet of 19x26kg Sacks = Approximately 494kg (1/2 tonne)

Pallet of 38x26kg Sacks = Approximately 988kg (1 tonne)

Hazelnut Shell Pini Kay Heatlog Briquettes are a good fuel for fireplaces, stoves and barbecues due to its high calorific value, durability and environmental friendliness. They are produced from 100% Hazelnut Shells and do not contain any chemical additives or binders, fully briquetted by pressing with high temperature and pressure. 

These Hazelnut Pini Kay Wood Briquettes give off higher heat and burn longer than the shells, making them a highly efficient fuel. Meat, Chicken and Fish cooked with these Hazelnut Briquettes give the food a unique flavour and aroma that permeates the cooked meat. These briquettes do not have any additives or binders making them non-toxic. Easy to ignite and a great alternative to coal, burning without sparks and smoke. 

  • Calorific Value: 5000-5500 KCal 
  • Humidity: 3-4%
  • Burning time: 2-3 hours 
  • Sulfur Rate: 0.004-0.05% 
  • Ash Content: 1%
  • Does not create sparks, soot or odour 

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