Planed All Round Oak Mantel Pieces For Fireplace Surrounds

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Beautiful oak mantel pieces created for fire place surrounds. Planed all round for a smooth, clean finish.




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These stunning planed all round mantel pieces made from air dried oak are created for interior use, making them perfect for fireplace surrounds. Oak is a natural product so each piece will be different. Please remember that as our oak is air dried, they will contain surface cracks and splits adding to the charm of this product due to the beautiful characteristics of oak . The mantels may also have one or two waney edges.

Your mantel will be supplied planed all round leaving a fairly smooth finish to your beam. If you wish, you can sand your beam down further yourself to achieve a completely smooth finish.

Our air dried oak mantel pieces are available in a wide range of section sizes- 100x75;125x125; 150x150; 200x50; 125x100; 200x125 and 225x125 and a vast range of lengths, so we are sure to have the perfect mantel for you. Our mantels can also be cut to a custom size using our customer cutting service.

After planing the beams, the oak returns to the stunning golden yellow colour. Please note that you will lose approximately 6mm from the overall size when the mantle is planed, so please take this into consideration when selecting the size of your mantel.

Oiling services are available.

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