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Ecofire HotBrix are our high quality, extremely dense and highly calorific briquettes, making them a great alternative to traditional fuels sources such as firewood. Available in bulk bags that will last all winter.

  • Available in Large and Extra Large Bags (approx 500kg/900kg)
  • Delivered on a pallet via courier with a pump truck


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Large Bulk Bag (approx 500kg)
Extra Large Bulk Bag (approx 900kg)

Our Ecofire HotBrix are perfect for use in chimneas, open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

These high quality hydraulically pressed briquettes are incredibly dense, very long lasting and very dry.

Ordinary firewood logs produce less heat until all the moisture is evaporated from the log, with these superb wood briquettes heat is produced ALMOST INSTANTLY due to the ultra low moisture content!

The approximated measurement per log is 15cm x 9cm x 6.5cm; this can vary sometimes and it will not be always exact.

Available in loosely filled Large Bulk Bags (approximately 500kg) and loosely filled Extra Large Bulk Bags (approximately 900kg).

The calorific values as well as the burning times are similar to the mechanically pressed hardwood briquettes (estimated burning time is 30-40 minutes and their calorific value is 19.627 MJ/Kg)

These wood briquettes will expand a little during use, so ensure that you fill the fire grate a little less than you would with other fuels. You'll be amazed as the fuel grows to suit whilst also throwing out huge amounts of environmentally friendly heat almost instantly!

All of our briquettes are made from virgin (not recycled) waste material from various saw milling processes - most wood processed is FSC certified so you can be fully certain that this is the cleanest, most environmentally friendly coal alternative available. These briquettes can be broken to any size quite easily; smaller pieces can even act as kindling so there is truly no waste with this item!

The environmental impact of this briquette is further reduced by the lack of individual product packaging, the only packaging is the pallet (which can also be burnt) and the small amount of external shrink-wrap to prevent moisture ingress.

Please note that these briquettes must be stored in undercover, dry conditions to retain their excellent burning qualities. In any case the burn time achieved from one pallet will be approximately two or three times as long as a builders bag of part seasoned logs.

*Please be aware that we offer free delivery to the mainland UK excluding the highlands in which an additional charge may apply.

Our HotBrix briquettes are made within our Corby depot, making them a true UK made product and reduces the transportation carbon footprint that other wood fuels may hold, from the time they are produced all the way to their delivery to your home. The boxes and the pallet that the briquettes are burnable, meaning no unnecessary plastic waste (something that we are very proud of!).

Dispatched within 48 hours of order


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