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    Why Choose Featheredge Cladding boards?

    29th April 2019

    A solid layer of protection

    Featheredge cladding increases the mechanical strength of any building, whilst delivering exceptional protection from a range of elements. This type of cladding can also safeguard the structure beneath the building, whilst reducing high levels of sunlight and any potential chemical absorption. We supply two of the strongest natural materials used to produce quality featheredge cladding boards, oak and larch. Oak boards provide unrivalled strength and durability with less sap, smaller knots and a straighter grain, although you may experience some colour variation. Larch cladding is also very tough, offering superb durability without any treatment whilst it’s a more cost effective option.


    Adds character and beauty

    Nothing adds rustic charm to a building than natural wood, and with featheredge cladding you can elevate your building with natural tones and textures of quality timber. Whether you’re an experienced developer, homeowner or DIY enthusiast, it’s important to understand the impact your chosen cladding material will have on your building’s look and feel, and this is why featheredge cladding is so popular. It blends in seamlessly with a variety of surroundings, from rural locations to modern city centres.

    ‚ÄčLow maintenance

    In addition to being easy on the eye, featheredge cladding is also easy to maintain, especially when you opt for boards that are already treated of painted. UK Sleepers’ treated softwood featheredge cladding is pressure treated with TANALITH E (green eco-treatment) to ensure long life and durability. The sheer simplicity of our boards also benefits longevity. They are cut from one board on the diagonal to create two tapered boards, that when overlapped, create a strong structure that you can count on.

    Boosts long-term value

    No matter how small, tall or wide your building is, featheredge cladding doesn’t just improve your building’s look and structure, it adds financial value. Featheredge cladding will immediately add to o the overall durability of your building, saving money on repairs and leaving more of your budget for extra projects. 

    Incredibly versatile

    Featheredge cladding can be used to complete a diverse range of building projects from modern offices to country cottages, characterful barns, sheds, garages and summer houses. You’re also able to customise the finish of the wood to match your surrounding architecture or scenery, so you’re guaranteed complete control over the finished appearance of your building.

    We have a huge range of featheredge cladding products on our website, with boards cut from Lightweight Oak, English Larch and Siberian Larch. You can be assured that our range will offer you cost-effective ways of completing your building project, but should you need any further help or information, please do not hesitate to call our friendly sales team on 01536 267107.



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