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What is the Most Widely Used Hardwood

26th March 2021

Hardwood has been used in homes for many centuries. There are many types to consider, but solid oak is undoubtedly the most popular species. With characterful features, longevity and durability, oak is a versatile hardwood that stands the test of time.

Whether you're looking for a particular type of wood to elevate your home's style or require a practical material for flooring, doors and furniture, oak is a superb option. There are over 600 species worldwide, but here in the UK, English Oak supports more life than any other native tree species. In terms of its use in construction, many original oak beams still support structures today, in buildings more than 500 years old — so it's certainly proved its worth over time.

Oak is used inside and outside the home, bringing gardens to life with beautifully crafted decking areas, exterior oak buildings like summer houses or highly secure fencing and gates. The added advantage of using solid oak within your home is the wood's natural finish, such as a rustic fireplace beam or a character-filled floor with knots and sap discolouration. It is no surprise that solid oak remains one of the most widely used hardwoods in our homes. Some argue that solid oak flooring can be a little costly, yet the benefits outweigh the price compared to other woods.


Considering its uses within the home, why is solid oak so beneficial?



With a dense structure, solid oak is strong and robust, providing durability against shock while it's less likely to loosen or split compared to other woods.



Solid oak can be treated and cut to fit any home or use, from creating a timeless mantlepiece to providing a work surface in a well-used kitchen. Solid oak can add exceptional character to any home.


Low maintenance

Homeowners may be put off having wood in their homes because it's widely seen as high maintenance. That said, solid oak can be treated with oil, wax or varnish, providing a seal of protection for the wood, allowing a long life with minimal maintenance. If we look at some of the standard flooring options, carpets and laminate flooring are worn over time and require regular vacuuming to maintain cleanliness, whereas oak will last a lifetime.


Environmental benefits

The production of hardwood uses less energy compared to other materials such as cement, steel or aluminium. And due to the fact it's naturally long-lasting, it doesn't have to be replaced as often, which is beneficial over time.


Breathe better

Oak wood is an extremely effective humidity regulator, creating a comfortable living environment. Solid oak flooring loses or gains moisture depending on the external environment, keeping the air you breathe in at its optimum humidity level — win, win!

There is no doubt character will flood through any home when solid oak is on show. With instant value-added and the ability to create a unique living space, oak can be crafted to the requirements of your home, from fittings to overall finishes! Whether you're considering solid oak decking, flooring, doors or furniture, we have a vast selection of sleepers and timber products to explore!

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