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    Should Decking be Grooved or Flat

    27th April 2023

    As the days become longer and warmer, spring presents the perfect opportunity to add a decking boards to your garden, with your new space taking shape just before the peak summer months. Decks provide an attractive outdoor living space for entertaining friends and family or just relaxing in your own private paradise, but there are so many different types of boards to consider, and one of the big questions we often get asked is whether your decking should be grooved or flat.


    Grooved Decks

    Grooved decks are designed with channels that allow rainwater to run off quickly while providing extra grip underfoot. You will also have a striking design with strong lines and a bold appearance, however, it's fair to say that cleaning can require more attention to detail. The dirt and grim that gets trapped in the channels can be difficult to remove if left for too long, requiring more elbow grease than a flat deck.


    Flat Decks

    A flat deck undoubtedly delivers a timeless and classic look with a smooth surface. This is not only kinder to bare feet but also easier for those needing to manoeuvre pushchairs, bikes and wheelchairs. With no nooks and crannies to worry about, this surface is also much easier to clean and maintain, potentially meaning it looks better for longer, especially if you choose the right material for the job. That said, there can be some safety concerns with a smooth decking, especially during wintertime when the surfaces can be slippery.


    Why the material you choose is just as important as the finish

    Whilst the finish of your deck will ultimately come down to personal preference, it's equally important to find a material that meets your requirements. Both softwood and hardwood are great options for outdoor decking as they're both naturally resistant to rot and decay, yet you can also consider composite materials. At UK Sleepers, you can discover a variety of timeless deckings in naturally warm and characterful materials such as Siberian Larch, Lightweight Oak, European Oak and Green Treated Nordic Redwood Pine and British Larch.

    All of our decking boards can either be machined with a bevelled edge non-slip profile or planed smooth. In most cases, our customers first order a sample on our website to ensure they find the right decking material and finish for their space. When you can not only see and feel the quality of the board, you can make a decision on style, safety and durability whilst keeping within your budget.

    No matter what type of deck you choose – grooved or flat – be sure to select the right material for the job ahead, so you can make the most out of your outdoor space all year round. To learn more about us and how we can help you, please feel free to use our live chat service or contact us here.


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