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How to Choose Between a Pergola or Gazebo

7th September 2021

If you’re looking to define your outdoor space or create an area where you can entertain, relax, or cook alfresco dinners, then you may be considering adding a pergola or a gazebo. Both of these popular structures can enhance your garden and add value to your home, but which solution is right for you?

The main difference between a pergola and a gazebo is the roof. A gazebo roof offers full coverage from the sun, so you get a nice amount of shade, allowing you to unwind without any harsh sunlight. Thanks to its slatted roof, a pergola allows light to shine through and light up the entire space. For roofless pergolas, plants or vines growing on, or hanging from the beams may enhance the coverage, offering some protection against wind, rain and sunshine. That said, a gazebo often provides greater coverage as standard, whilst they usually come in more classic styles, such as the shape of a polygon with six or eight sides.

Pergolas lend aesthetic value

Gazebos are often topped with tarpaulin or canvas. They can also feature fixed side panels with openings, so even if they’re a permanent addition to your garden, they don’t quite deliver the timeless elegance that pergolas afford. Pergolas consist of posts and an open structure; therefore, they can be freestanding or lean-to; however, they’re able to stand the test of time, primarily when high-quality materials are used. At UK Sleepers, our pergola kits are tried and tested, comprised of the finest quality components with the added benefit of being all cut and ready for you to build your own.

Light up your garden the natural way

Pergolas also brighten up your garden because you get more control over the natural lighting. You can weave in climbing vines to increase shade and rain protection, or you can keep the space open, so it’s more enjoyable on those warm summer days. You can create the style you’ve always dreamt of, perhaps reflecting your own personality and lifestyle. You can also transform the space whenever you need, possibly switching from an outdoor living space to a romantic alfresco dining spot or a place to kick back with a book and an iced latte.  

A gazebo is excellent if you want full coverage from the sun

If you desperately want complete coverage from the sun all year round, then a gazebo may be the best option for you; however, you must use a weather-resistant material for the roof to avoid rust and rot.

Pergolas can deliver a rustic or classic look!

Whether you have a modern or traditional property, you can decide on the character that’s right for your home. With UK Sleepers, our pergolas are made of treated timber, showing a colour variance initially. The green colour slowly weathers to a warm, honey brown upon external exposure before gradually becoming a natural silver grey. Like a fine wine, the character develops with age!

If you’d like to learn more about our pergola kits, please view our complete collection of products. Alternatively, please send us a message or call us on 01536 267107.

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