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    How long will untreated wood last in raised beds?

    6th November 2019


    It’s a question we get asked quite often, but it’s tricky to provide a quick answer because it depends on a number of factors, such as the type of wood, age and thickness, as well as the amount of rain and drainage.

    For example, it’s certainly true that untreated hardwoods such as oak and red cedar will last for many years, performing better than untreated softwoods such as pine, however, in areas exposed to heavy rainfall, you may find even these types of woods start to deteriorate at a pace that’s not to your liking. One of the main considerations when investing in, or building your own, raised bed kits is maintenance.

    We know that for most of our customers, they’re not too keen on fighting rot and fungal attacks on an ongoing basis, and that’s why our EasyFit Softwood Raised Beds are extremely popular. These treated softwood kits come with all the pieces pre-cut, completely ready to assemble, and they’re constructed from green Tanalith E pressure treated softwood sleepers, ensuring longer durability with little to no maintenance. These kits are designed to bridge the gap between durability and cost; ensuring customers can enjoy raised bed kits that last for many years, without the need for heaps of care and attention. We also supply moulded Loglap Planters, made from splinter-free pressure treated softwood sleepers, offering a crisp clean neat landscaping look that will serve you well moving forwards. That said if these softwood kits were not pressure treated, it’s highly unlikely they would satisfy our customers, and that’s why we recommend investing in pressure treated softwood.


    Our Untreated English Oak Sleepers

    For exceptional quality and durability, it’s well worth considering our Slot Together Heavyweight Oak Raised Bed Kits, created from chunky, new untreated English oak sleepers. They conveniently slot together without the need for screws or other fixings. Why are they untreated you ask?

    It’s important to understand that these sleepers are cut straight from the tree and they’re machined to a very high standard, allowing for some knots and occasional small splits to the ends. Each sleeper therefore reflects the unique natural characteristics of oak, which is something that’s not worth compromising on – as we like to give you customers complete control of the treatment and finish . If you’re willing to invest in top quality oak, it’s highly likely you will want to ensure as much of the character comes to the fore, and that’s what these kits can deliver. That said, if you want to treat them, it’s very easy and we provide a huge range of exterior finishes to ensure your raised bed kits serve you well for many years to come.


    Final thoughts

    With untreated hardwoods, you can expect them to last for many years, if not decades, however, treated raised beds are always going to perform better, so we’d always advise you do so. We want our customers to ensure they create raised beds that perform well throughout the seasons, bringing quality and reliability to their landscaping projects.

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