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    5 Best Uses of Reclaimed Wood in the Home

    23rd July 2018

    Of course when it comes to home and garden design, there are plenty of other advantages, such as the impressive rustic style that only reclaimed wood can provide. The fact that it’s not very uniform in tone or texture is all part of its appeal and there is a huge range of structures you can create using reclaimed wood as you’ve probably already seen on Pinterest, interior design blogs and lifestyle magazines. To get the ball rolling we’ve listed a handful of the best options below.



    Reclaimed wood can come from old homes, barns, rivers, lakes or lifted from beneath the rail tracks in our case and one of the best uses for this kind of wood is flooring. Not only will you be able to make a positive impact on the environment by not relying on fresh cut trees, but you’ll also get a highly durable floor that’s brimming with character. Most of the reclaimed wood flooring available in the UK and across the globe is considered to be ‘old-growth’ wood. This means that it was made from trees that were allowed to grow for hundreds of years in some cases, so you’re often guaranteed a hard and dense wood!


    Coffee Table

    This one is plastered all over Pinterest and it’s clear to see why. With a reclaimed wood coffee table, it’s relatively easy to make and you do not need to source a large amount of wood. What’s more, you can choose a size and design that’s right for your home. Some people have chosen to use reclaimed wood to create industrial style coffee tables out of wooden pallets, whilst reclaimed oak sleepers can give you a chunkier table that stands the test of time. Then it’s simply a case of finishing the table in paint, oil or wax.


    Feature Walls

    Feature walls can look fantastic inside the home and outside. Many people create their own feature walls with a mix of reclaimed woods, adding a rustic, country style to their modern or traditional property. One eye-catching idea for the garden is to completely cover a wall in lengths of beautifully seasoned railway sleepers, whilst you could even add shelves or alcoves for potted plants.



    The bedroom is the perfect place for rustic charm and if you don’t quite like the idea or creating a complete feature wall, you could create a beautiful reclaimed wood headboard. The rustic interior design trend has proven to be a timeless one, so if you’d like your room to feel more honest and organic, this could be a great place to start.


    Farmhouse Style Garden Table

    The garden table is a place to sit around when enjoying a meal and a few drinks under the stars, and with reclaimed wood you can replicate the farmhouse style that’s extremely popular right now. Reclaimed wood is highly durable and it only seems to get better with age, so if you’re looking to create a garden table that’s timeless in its appearance and ideally suited for the English weather, this is a fine option.  

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