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    Pizza Oven Oak Fuel Staves

    Ecofire Fuel Staves are perfect for pizza ovens and smokers, they are cut to small manageable staves of 150mm in length and shorter so that they can be used in smaller pizza ovens with smaller openings in a problem free manner.

    Ecofire Fuel Staves are a cost effective replacement for wood pellets in pellet fired pizza ovens. They both light very easily and have long burn times due to their dryness (usually 10% or less moisture content)! and the inherent density of oak. No kindling is required, the staves are very dry and very quick lighting which enables them to reach higher temperatures faster creating a long and steady burn. 

    Can also be used as fuel in any stove, chimenea or BBQ.

    The boxes used are carbon neutral and fully recyclable.

    Fuel Stave boxes have internal dimensions 300x220x200mm and the contents weigh approximately 7.5kg for your guidance. 


    Product Options

    Grade: none | Size: 1 Box | Min Qnty: 1 | Treatment: none
    £9.99 ex VAT
    Grade: none | Size: 2 Boxes | Min Qnty: 1 | Treatment: none
    £18.99 ex VAT
    Grade: none | Size: 3 Boxes | Min Qnty: 1 | Treatment: none
    £23.99 ex VAT
    Grade: none | Size: Pallet of 20 | Min Qnty: 1 | Treatment: none
    £96.99 ex VAT
    Grade: none | Size: Pallet of 48 | Min Qnty: 1 | Treatment: none
    £194.99 ex VAT
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