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    New Untreated Planed and Bevelled Siberian Larch Sleeper

    These beautiful untreated naturally long-lasting New Planed and Bevelled Siberian Larch Railway Sleepers are an all-round sleeper that can be used to create raised beds, retaining walls, raised beds, planters and outdoor furniture.

    If stability, durability and beautifully grained natural sleepers are required then there are few better choices than this very slow grown, incredibly dense softwood. 

    Siberian Larch trees grow under duress in arctic conditions, consequently the wood is extremely dense and strong when compared to other softwoods such as English Larch. Due to its high natural resin content, it's also one of the most naturally hardy of all softwood species, especially resistant to decay and highly durable without any treatment; these characteristics make our Siberian Larch sleepers perfect for sensitive applications such as children's play areas, raised beds and retaining walls. 

    Not to be confused with the pink colour of English Larch, Siberian Larch is straw in colour, eventually turning to a beautiful silvery grey once exposed to the elements. Being a natural living product, you will experience some surface splits, shrinkage and warping, however it will be significantly less than what you would experience with an oak sleeper.

    The beauty of these sleepers is that they will offer almost similar levels of strength and durability to that of our oak sleepers, but much more stability at a more affordable price!

    These sleepers are planed all round and then bevelled for an eased edge to ensure that they are virtually splinter free and safe to use in sensitive applications such as children’s play areas and schools. Planing ensures that the sleepers are of an even thickness and flat on either side. Further sanding may be required should you require an even smoother finish.

    Cut from sleeper grade material, your sleepers may have some knots, bark and surface checks.

    Being a natural living product, you may also experience some colour variation to the image, and when in place some further natural movement which may cause splits, warping and some sap as the timber adjusts to the changing seasons. These characteristics are to be expected and will give a beautiful natural distinctive appearance.


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