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    Large Bulk Bag of Kiln Dried Oak Firewood

    Kiln Dried Firewood is one of the most popular types of firewood available due to the timber contain generally lest moisture than the alternative air dried seasoned firewood. The moisture content in seasoned firewood varies depending on the conditions in which it is stored and how long it has been drying for, kiln-dried wood eliminates any of that uncertainty.

    Green oak (fresh cut) can contain up to 80% water, which needs to be boiled off before any heat can escape to your room, unlike kiln-dried wood logs that are perfect for immediate use. Ideal for your log burner or stove during the colder winter to even use as fuel for your chimineas on the late summer evenings.

    Our Kiln Dried firewood logs are ready to burn, generating a high-temperature output with a long and natural burning flame. Remember, burning undried, unseasoned wood can seriously damage your wealth!

    DOUBLE UP (2 BAGS) FOR JUST £249.99 INC VAT (RRP £329.98 INC VAT)

    These bulk bags are delivered on a burnable wooden pallet, minimising the waste associated with our Kiln Dried Firewood Logs.

    Log Length25cm (+/- 2cm) / 9.8” (+/- 1”)Log Diameter80% with max diameter between 80mm and 150mmMoisture ContentAn average moisture content below 20%

    Our large bulk bags measure 85x85x85cm and weigh approximately 300kg.

    These bulk bags are delivered on a burnable wooden pallet usually by an 18-tonne or a larger-sized vehicle to your kerbside, therefore, please ensure that you can accommodate and accept deliveries from vehicles of this size. Should you require a smaller delivery vehicle, please contact us to ensure we can facilitate this for you. 

    For ease when building your fire, we recommend our boxes/nets of kindling and our Ecofire Natural Firelighters.

    If you have any questions regarding our products or services, give us a call at 01536 267107 or email us at sales@uksleepers.co.uk


    Product Options

    Grade: none | Size: Large Bulk Bag | Min Qnty: 1 | Treatment: none
    £157.13 ex VAT
    Grade: none | Size: Double Up (2 BAGS) | Min Qnty: 1 | Treatment: none
    £247.61 ex VAT
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