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    C8-80-15 Mild Steel Medium Stock Fencing

    C8/80/15 was originally designed as a pig fence, but now is widely used as a general all purpose fence. This fence is ministry grant approved.

    Mild steel stock fence does not need to be strained as tight as high tensile products. This means it is particularly useful if you have lots of turns in your fence as gradual turns can be made off intermediate posts.

    Line Wires - 8

    Distance between vertical wires - 150mm

    Height - 800mm

    Top and bottom line wires 3.0mm - 695-850 N/mm2

    Intermediate line wires - 2.5mm - 695-850 N/mm2

    Vertical wires - 2.5mm - 415-550 N/mm2

    Available in a 50m length.

    Weight of 50m roll - 32kg

    Product Options

    Grade: Ungraded | Size: 50m Roll | Min Qnty: 1 | Treatment: none
    £83.99 ex VAT
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