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    Green Structural Oak Beams
    Air Dried Structural Oak Beams
    Oak Buildings
    Decking and Components
    Fencing and Landscaping
    Hand Made Gates
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    Our Products

    Pergola Bearers- Chamfer
    Standard Pergola Kits
    Oak Picket Panel
    Timber Titan Landscaping Screws 250mm
    Green Treated Softwood Planter- Ema
    Green Treated Softwood Planter- Sicily
    47 x 75 mm Graded Carcassing Timber
    Timber Titan Landscaping Screws 300mm
    Mechanically Pressed High Quality Hardwood Briquettes - COLLECTION
    Oak Picket Gate
    European Oak Mixed Width Flooring
    Rebated Character Grade Oak Featheredge Cladding
    Treatex Bangkirai Yellow Balau Oil
    Siberian Larch Channel Siding Cladding
    Treatex Cedar Oil
    Treatex Douglas Fir Protection
    Treatex Teak Protection
    Siberian Larch Tongue and Groove Cladding
    C16 Treated Carcassing Timber 47mm x 75mm
    Rebated British Larch - Douglas Fir Featheredge Cladding
    Solid Oak Hall and Console Table 1000mm x 950mm
    Timber Titan 2 in 1 Cordless Drill & Impact Driver Set
    Boxed EcoFire Mechanically Pressed Hardwood Briquettes
    Ecofire Value Fuel Logs
    Solid Oak Gravel Boards
    Planed All Round & Bevelled Larch Douglas Fir Sleeper
    Rounded Oak Dowels
    Ecofire SuperFlare Fuel Logs
    Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes
    Large Net of Kindling
    Bulk Bag of Unseasoned Sawmill Offcuts - Collection Only
    Firewood Log Store
    Additional Option - Wider Table Benches
    1220mm Distressed Rustic Oak Mantel Piece For Fireplace Surrounds
    Siberian Larch Decking 145mm
    1520mm Distressed Rustic Oak Mantel Piece For Fireplace Surrounds
    1830mm Distressed Rustic Oak Mantel Piece For Fireplace Surrounds
    Turned and Chamfered Round Chestnut Post
    33mm Heavy Duty Untreated British Larch Decking
    2140mm Distressed Rustic Oak Mantel Piece For Fireplace Surrounds
    Pergola Rafter Rails- Chamfer
    2440mm Distressed Rustic Oak Mantel Piece For Fireplace Surrounds
    Radiata Pine Reversible ShipLap ThermoWood Cladding
    Radiata Pine V Tongue and Groove Profile ThermoWood Cladding
    VivaxBlack Finno Profile ThermoWood Cladding
    ASP Stainless Steel Decking-Cladding Screws 60mm
    VivaxBlack Rebated Featheredge ThermoWood Cladding
    Curved ThermoWood Decking
    Grooved ThermoWood Decking
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