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    What is Waney Edge Cladding?

    29th January 2021

    Waney edge cladding is known as one of the most traditional forms of cladding, delivering rustic charm by layering boards that have been cut straight from the tree. One edge is always cut straight to ensure it's easy to install, whilst the other keeps the shape of the tree (and its bark) to deliver a rustic character that's great for sheds, garages, summerhouses and other outbuildings.


    What are the most common wood species for this cladding?

    The most common types are British Larch, Oak and Douglas Fir. It's important to remember that with fresh sawn (green) oak boards, they can potentially shrink as much as 10% over the first three years due to the natural drying process. Larch may fall into the softwood category, but it does not require regular treatment, so it shares some hardwood qualities. It may not be as durable and resilient as oak as solid oak, but it can provide a lifespan of at least 50 years, yet it's been known to last much longer. Douglas Fire is also very durable and rot-resistant, whilst it's flexible with an excellent strength to weight ratio.


    Is it the right cladding for you?

    If you need cladding that will blend seamlessly into rural surroundings, enhance your building's character and deliver durability, waney edge cladding is a fine choice. There are many practical advantages too. With a wide range of cladding options for homeowners, architects and builders, waney edge cladding is often preferred because it's easy to install, with overlapping boards sliced straight from the tree.

    With a wide variety of wood species to consider, you can define the right aesthetic for your building. Here at UK Sleepers, we provide Fresh Sawn Oak Waney Edge Cladding, Fresh Cut English Larch Or Douglas Fir Waney Cladding — all of which are cut from logs harvested in native woodlands.

    Another important benefit is that it's relatively easy to care for. Any natural cladding boards are at risk of some ‘wear and tear’ because they are exposed to the elements. That said, there are a few simple steps worth taking to maximise your cladding's durability, such as applying UV protection oil, or using screws to tighten up the structure if there are signs of shrinkage or warping. It's important to remember that different species vary in terms of colour, graining, character, durability and maintenance, so you may want to order a series of samples first, to ensure you get the right look for your building.


    Discover UK Sleepers' waney edge cladding boards

    Our cladding is freshly cut and supplied in random lengths between two and four metres. Therefore, we provide cladding by the square metre. All of our cladding boards deliver excellent value for money, giving you a unique and traditional look that enhances your building and develops even more character with age. You can learn more about us and our cladding options here, but should need any further help or assistance; please call us on 01536 267107.

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