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    Improving your outdoor space with a timber decking

    28th February 2017

    A timber decking can without a doubt bring your garden a certain amount of style, functionality and convenience, and with UK Sleepers, you have everything you could possibly need.


    Whether you’re looking to create a beautiful entertainment area, a section to relax beneath the summer sun or simply create a low maintenance design for your garden, we can meet your requirements.

    With Swedish Redwood Pine, Siberian Larch, English Oak, Yellow Balau and Unfinished English Larch options, you’re guaranteed solid timber decking boards that are stylish, durable and brimming with character. Siberian Larch is naturally durable and commonly known as one of the strongest softwoods in the world; this is why it does not require pressure treating. Green Treated Swedish Redwood Pine can last up to 25 years if it is well maintained, but it’s affordable and adaptable too, making it a very popular timber decking option for our customers. Our more traditional English Oak Decking can be either machined with a bevelled edge non-slip profile or planed smooth for a more contemporary effect, depending on the style you need.

    We know how advantageous it can be to have a beautiful timber decking, and when the work has been carried out using high quality materials from UK Sleepers, you’ll not only be increasing the value of your home, you’ll be making it a more functional, tidy and stylish place to live. What’s great about our timber decking options is that they’re all very easy to clean, whilst it’s extremely sturdy and can last decades when looked after properly. In addition to our timber decking boards, we also provide Locking Decking Screws and Advanced Protection Timber Screws, so you’ll get terrific driving properties and durability.

    Many people choose to create a timber decking during spring so you can take pride in your hard work when you’re relaxing in your garden with friends in the summer. Another advantage with a timber deck is the fact that it is comfortable to walk on barefoot and never feels too hot or cold, whilst it’s transformed many unused outdoor areas into pleasant spaces where people relax and enjoy a spot of alfresco dining with family and friends. If you’re considering upgrading your outdoor space, then a timber decking could make a huge difference and with the right boards, spindles, rails, screws and joists you really have everything you could possibly need to make a success of it. We also have decking kits available should you wish to create a simple and robust decking for your garden, whilst our patio kits are easy to erect and durable, featuring a selection of high quality components that UK Sleepers source, so they’re pre-cut and ready for you to assemble with ease.

    You can read more about our different types of decking boards on our website, but for any further information on our products feel free to send us a message or call us on 01536 267 107.

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