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Introducing Log Lap Jigsaw Sleepers

UK Sleepers have recently introduced log lap jigsaw sleepers to the range, allowing for easy fitting and a tidy finish.

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What is Waney Edge Cladding?

Waney edge cladding is known as one of the most traditional forms of cladding, delivering rustic charm by layering boards that have been cut straight from the tree. One edge is always cut straight to ensure it's easy to install, whilst the other keeps the shape of the tree (and its bark) to deliver a rustic character that's great for sheds, garages, summerhouses and other outbuildings.

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What are the benefits of oak flooring?

There are many reasons why it can make sense to choose oak flooring over engineered or softwood flooring, but durability, style and strength are just three of the key motivations.

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How long will untreated wood last in raised beds?

It’s a question we get asked quite often, but it’s tricky to provide a quick answer because it depends on a number of factors, such as the type of wood, age and thickness, as well as the amount of rain and drainage.

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Difference Between Solid Wood Floors and Engineered

When they are on the floor, solid wood and engineered wood can look virtually the same, but beneath the surface there are some major differences between them, and it’s important to understand these when making a decision on your next type of flooring. 

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What are the benefits of using engineered wood flooring

Oak flooring has been one of the top flooring choices for centuries. You can find it in many grand historic buildings, yet it also looks just “at home” in contemporary apartments and new build houses. The demand for natural oak flooring is unwavering, but in recent decades, there has been a surge in people instead opting for engineered wood flooring. With the look and feel of natural oak, engineered flooring can look stunning in any room. It also delivers a unique set of advantages.

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Timber Titan Tool and Fixings Range

UK Sleepers have recently introduced a new tool range to offer alongside our timber products and fixings.

We are currently stocking a 2 in 1 Drill and Impact Wrench set, and will continue to expand our range to offer a more diverse picking for customers to choose from.

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ThermoWood Decking and Cladding

UK Sleepers have introduced an extensive range of top quality ThermoWood claadding and decking for purcahse. Click read more to find out more about our ThermoWood Range

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How to Update Your Garden the Eco-Friendly Way

Many people want to be able to develop their property and the surrounding outdoor areas, but the impact which this can have on the environment is becoming an increasing concern. This is especially true of wood products, which should be sourced sustainably and treated using non-toxic chemicals

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Get that decking in time for the summer

As soon as summer arrives, you’ll want to be fully ready to begin enjoying the BBQ season

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Solid garden fences ready for the summer!

At UK Sleepers, we supply stable, solid fencing suitable for all outdoor areas.

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Beautiful Garden Pergolas

Pergolas make a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. They can be used to create a feature without taking up unnecessary space or requiring lots of construction work. Whether you want to transform your garden, make your patio attractive and inviting or encourage customers to use your business’s outdoor space, a pergola is the perfect way to help you succeed.

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Suntrap Terrace Kits

Are you looking for an individual and unique way to enjoy your garden this summer? Suntrap terrace kits from UK Sleepers can help you to do just this. Each kit comes with everything you need to create your own peaceful corner of outdoor space, and it’s so simple to put together as well.

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Custom Cut Beams and Boards

We are a specialist online supplier of custom cut beams and boards at UK Sleepers. We can sell you any quantity for projects of any size, from single units to full containers and truck loads. You will be able to enter in your own details to order exactly what you need – simply select the product, then choose the length, width, depth and quantity you need.

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Improving your outdoor space with a timber decking

A timber decking can without a doubt bring your garden a certain amount of style, functionality and convenience, and with UK Sleepers, you have everything you could possibly need.


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Benefits of Eco-Friendly Treated Sleepers

We’re really pleased to see plenty of interest in our eco-friendly treated sleepers, which are fast becoming some of our best selling products, but for those of you who haven’t considered investing in these sleepers yet, we’re going to run through many of the advantages in more detail. 


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How to Choose Between a Pergola or Gazebo

If you’re looking to define your outdoor space or create an area where you can entertain, relax, or cook alfresco dinners, then you may be considering adding a pergola or a gazebo. Both of these popular structures can enhance your garden and add value to your home, but which solution is right for you?

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5 Best Uses of Reclaimed Wood in the Home

There are so many reasons why reclaimed wood is trending right now but the main advantage in our eyes is that it preserves our natural timber resources for future uses.

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What Kind of Wood Should I Use For a Raised Garden Bed?

There are many ways to create a raised garden bed that’s robust, economical and attractive, but only one material comes out on top.

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Why Choose Featheredge Cladding boards?

Here at UK Sleepers, we’re regularly asked about the benefits of featheredge cladding boards for small and large building projects, so if you’re considering this finish, we recommend you read though the key features below. 

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Whats the difference between engineered and solid wood flooring?

No matter how hard you look, it can be rather tricky to spot the difference between engineered and solid wood flooring. From a quick glance to a thorough inspection, there are just a few ways you’ll be able to tell the difference, but you need to look beyond the top layer.

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What decking boards are best to use?

A decking undoubtedly adds a great deal of charm, style and functionality to a garden, harmonising with natural surroundings. Whether you’re looking to create a lavish look to surround your swimming pool, dream of an area that’s elegantly designed for alfresco dining or need a tidy space where you can relax beneath the sun, a decking can give you the freedom to create an area that adds purpose to your garden and your lifestyle.

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How to Maintain Decking All Year Round?

If you are worried about your decking not surviving through the winter or want to maximise your deck's lifespan, it's crucial to have a plan in mind. Failing to maintain your decking and prevent damage can cause serious long-term issues. In this article, we'll be running through some of the simple measures you can take to ensure your decking doesn't break down and continues to look fantastic when summer rolls around.

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What is the Most Widely Used Hardwood

Hardwood has been used in homes for many centuries. There are many types to consider, but solid oak is undoubtedly the most popular species. With characterful features, longevity and durability, oak is a versatile hardwood that stands the test of time.

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