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    Railway Sleepers, Decking & Wood Flooring FAQs

    If you are considering contacting us for information, please check it has not already been answered below.

    1) Can you explain the sleeper grades to me?

    Yes, please click the following link - a full explanation will follow! Sleeper Grades Explained

    2) Do you deliver to my area?

    Yes, we cover the UK with both our own fleet of vehicles and an efficient courier service!

    3) Can I see your terms and conditions?

    Yes, please click the following link.. UK Sleepers Terms and Conditions

    4) Are all the items on your website in stock?

    Yes, a very high percentage of all our listings is in stock in huge quantities - if we are ever out of stock of any particular product it is for a very short period - we have trucks and containers arriving on a daily basis!

    5) Can you explain the difference between green oak and air dried oak?

    Yes, please click the following link - Oak Beams Grades Explained

    Faq 4.

    The tannalising (pressure treatment) process is an environmentally friendly and child safe alternative to the traditional use of creosote, it will enable softwood to last for decades, even in extreme conditions whilst being completely safe for use in childrens play areas, raised vegetable beds and in and around water.

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