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    Not to be mistaken with solid wood flooring, engineered flooring is constructed using a layer of plywood with a hardwood surface. We know that some people shy away from solid wood floors because of price and high maintenance, however, engineered wood flooring is different and depending on the construction, thickness, and quality it can last many years, whilst providing the look and feel of solid wood flooring. Here at UK Sleepers, we offer multiple options and finishes to match your specific tastes so it doesn’t matter whether your style is classic or contemporary; we will find something that works.


    What are the benefits of using engineered wood?

    1.         The most exciting thing about engineered wood flooring is that it’s more affordable than solid hardwood, which makes it more suitable to those on a budget.

    2.         It’s difficult to distinguish from solid wood because the upper layer usually comprises of the real thing and thanks to this, it’s possible to find engineered wood floors in a range of finishes including oak.

    3.         It tends to be much more durable too and as a result, it’s possible to install it in many different ways. You can use professionals or you can even take the DIY route.

    4.         The flexibility that engineered wood offers makes it more resistant to temperature changes, which can make it a great choice for utility rooms and cellars. These rooms can often be a nuisance because of moisture, which can cause other types of flooring to bubble and warp.

    5.         Most floors using engineered wood have a life span of more than four decades, which means many people are out of a home way before they need to think about replacing it.


    Factors to consider when choosing engineered wood flooring

    Engineered wood can give your home a lovely luxurious feel, rustic or modern. It is an excellent choice that doesn’t cost nearly as much as solid hardwood but lasts much longer. At UK Sleepers, we know that find finding the right hardwood floor usually comes down to a trifecta of crucial elements that we always guide customers through when making their first purchase:

    Quality – A high-quality floor will last usually last longer. The most expensive option might not always the best option for your needs.

    Thickness – Engineered hardwood flooring is a series of layers glued together using special adhesive. A thicker layer will definitely resist more wear and tear.

    Finish – What is your taste in style? Will the finish work with your décor and enhance the ambiance of your home? These questions will help you determine the best choice for you from our extensive range of finishes.

    Wood Flooring - UK Sleepers

    At UK sleepers we only work with the best suppliers and will always recommend tried and tested options that give you the finish and style you want. Engineered wood flooring comes with the style of real wood but less of the drawbacks.

    If you want to find out more about our range then give one of our friendly team a call on 01536 267 107.

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