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New Untreated Oak Half Sleeper

Beautiful Oak half-sleepers cut from the best parts of the tree, straight edged almost architectural finish, naturally long lasting, untreated, new sleepers for almost any garden use imaginable. Patios can be created with these sleepers, raised beds, planters and even garden furniture! The most versatile of all our sleepers - we supply many furniture manufacturers with this product it is that good!

New Untreated Oak Half Sleeper
New Untreated Oak Half SleeperNew Untreated Oak Half Sleeper
New Untreated Oak Half Sleeper

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NUO2.420050 New Untreated Oak Half Sleeper £12.45 ex VAT
Grade: none | Size: 2400mm x 200mm x 50mm | Min Qnty: 1 | Treatment: none    
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